Verallia invests over €20m in modernizing its Oiry plant

Surrounded by many Champagne-producing customers, Jean-Pierre Floris, chairman and CEO of the Verallia group, inaugurated the Oiry plant’s new installations on Friday, March 24. Over €20m have been invested in completely modernizing the production capabilities for this industrial site which makes bottles for the Champagne and sparkling wines’ market.

The plant’s furnace has been completely rebuilt, and its five production lines modernized. The Oiry site, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2015 and employs 160 people, produces 550,000 bottles a day. Since it was founded in 1975, Verallia’s Oiry plant has specialized in so-called “carbonated” products (Champagne, sparkling wines, ciders, etc.) and large-capacity containers (3L – 15L). The site thus manufactures the whole range of Champagne bottles, from quarts (20cl) to the Nabuchodonosor (15L).

The new installations also considerably improve the working conditions for the plant’s teams. More than 15% of the total investment package was actually earmarked to meet this objective with a special focus on work station ergonomics and lighting.

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