Verallia, its premium brand Selective Line and its customer Maison du Sud - Jeanjean have just won two Packaging Oscars, for the GEM bottle in the categories "Consumption" (design and graphic identity) and "Transformation" (glass inventiveness, aesthetic and practical quality).

This bottle designed by Leslie Dabin – at the time student at Pivaut art school in Nantes (France), was already a prizewinner at the French edition of the 2016 Verallia Design Awards, in the “wines” category.

In 2016, the theme was "Glass…new horizons" and the Serac bottle (name Leslie gave to her project) won the competition. Maison du Sud-Jeanjean, member of the panel of judges, was instantly won over by the student’s project. Her idea? Stick to some of the traditional codes associated with wine – the backbone of the design is a classic bordelaise bottle – while introducing some very differentiating breakthroughs: the original facets, user-friendly grip and diamond-shaped push-up. Maison du Sud - Jeanjean actually capitalized on this proximity with the world of luxury and jewelry by marketing this bottle under its GEM brand.

Watch a video of the bottle: