Supportive recycling of Argentinian glass

In Argentina, Verallia has set up a glass recovery program named “Vidrio, una acción transparente" (Acting transparently with Glass). This year, the program helped collect 78 tons of cullet and made a donation of 125,000 Argentinian pesos to the Foundation of the Humberto Notti children’s hospital.

Thanks to its 35 containers spread across the city of Mendoza, Verallia collects glass packaging from consumers to recycle it in its furnaces. Verallia donates income from the glass collected to the hospital to build a hydrotherapy center.

The initiative – which began with 3 containers – has existed for six years and is growing in popularity. Since its inception, 528 tons of cullet have been collected representing a donation of 625,000 Argentinian pesos.

For more details, take a look at the dedicated mini-site

To find out more about Verallia in Argentina, consult the country’s website.