Pirassununga’s first gin

Verallia has co-developed the bottle for Pirassununga’s new product: Nick’s gin.

Gin sales on the Brazilian market rose 42% between July 2016 and July 2017*. With Nick’s gin, Pirassununga aims to take a foothold on this fast-growing market.

Available in 1L format, this long, square-shaped bottle is distinctively lacquered blue. And the product’s exclusive look is heightened by its facetted corners, crown engraving on the body and silk-screening. 

The unique recipe based on redistilled vodka, juniper, hints of citrus fruit and Brazilian herbs has been created to win over drinkers of local spirits.

Verallia’s manufacturing set-up in Brazil includes 3 plants in the south-west of the country. Verallia Brasil is a major player on the beer, still and sparkling wines market.  The business is also present on the spirits segment, like cachaça for example, without forgetting the food and soft drinks market. 


*Nielsen data