More than 200 people attend the unveiling of new equipment for Verallia Sevilla


On June 12, Jean-Pierre Floris and Emmanuel Auberger opened Verallia Sevilla’s new installations at a ceremony attended by local Spanish authorities. Many customers were also present, including Coca-Cola, Heineken and Pernod Ricard. This €30m investment includes a new furnace, new equipment and the introduction of Flex Line technology, an innovative production system enabling the simultaneous manufacturing of containers of different weight on the same line. In the words of Emmanuel Auberger: “Seville is now more flexible, more efficient, safer and more ergonomic, with a better trained and more competitive workforce.” The project received support from the Andalusian agency for lnnovation and Development, via its president, Antonio Galán, and from the Mayor of Alcalá de Guadaira, Antonio Gutiérrez Limones.