A Verallia bottle in honor of the Wine Harvest Queen

As every year since 2013, Verallia has developed a bottle named after the Argentine Wine Harvest Queen.

Elected Wine Harvest Queen 2017, Victoria Colovatti will be tasked – over one year – with communicating on the importance of wine-growing in Argentina. The “Sparkling Victoria” bottle, developed by Verallia for the event, was named in her honor.

The Wine Harvest festival is a traditional, popular festival held each year in the Province of Mendoza (Argentina). The very first Wine Harvest Festival dates back to 1936 and it has been an annual event since 1986.

On this occasion, Verallia officially launched the Discover Verallia program, enabling wine lovers to learn more about the glass bottle manufacturing process, and the whole Verallia value chain. This program also obtained the gold medal during the 2016 edition of Great Wine Capitals.

Especially made for sparkling wines, the “Sparkling Victoria” model belongs to the eco-designed Ecova range: environmentally-friendly products, optimized in terms of weight. The bottle weighs only 860g and targets premium products for the local and export market.

To find out more about Verallia in Argentina, click on their website.